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A lot of investors are nervous to put their money back in markets. The big losses of December have given way to a great start to the year, but investors are still shy because of the volatility. Well, JP Morgan says investors need to get back in markets soon as waiting for analysts to turn bullish again has a history of being a poor idea. Generally speaking, analysts can be a year behind actual market moves, so if investors wait until the mood improves, they will have already missed out on a lot of the gains.

FINSUM: Worries about forthcoming earnings aside, the market definitely has a renewed spring in its step and we are generally feeling bullish given the now lower valuations.

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A terrible December and then a great January. There is certainly reason for optimism on shares, but investors may well be nervous after a such a dramatic swing. February is not traditionally a very strong month for stocks, but this year could be different. That is for two reasons. The first is that February tends to mimic January, and secondly, because the Fed has just made a historic u-turn on rates, which should provide much smoother sailing.

FINSUM: The other big factor here is that p/e ratios have fallen dramatically over the last year because of the big move lower in stocks and the healthy gains in corporate profits. We are increasingly optimistic.

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December was the worst month for stocks since the Financial Crisis. It was a bleak for almost all investors. Then something magical happened—we just had the best January in thirty years. Forget the shutdown and the polar vortex, the S&P 500 rose a whopping 7.9% in the month. Banks and smaller companies did particularly well, outpacing the broader market. The market has been calmed by much more soothing language from the Fed, which has lessened fears about a recession.

FINSUM: What a month it was for stocks! We think the market had a very healthy correction which put earnings multiples back into a reasonable place, and there is a much better runway from here.

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