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Investors are wondering how we are going to escape this exhaustingly choppy market. Markets are fighting higher generally, but it seems like 2 steps forward, 1.9 steps back. So how we will we break out of this mode? The answer might be another $1 tn+ stimulus package from the government. Some are skeptical this will happen because many believe Demcorats in the House don’t want another package because it might help Trump’s chances. That seems to be short-sighted analysis, as Democrats need another package to help avoid layoffs in key states they want to win, which could jeopardize their odds. Republicans want more stimulus to aid in their various reelection bids.

FINSUM: Both sides want a package. The big issue seems to be the continuation and size of expanded unemployment aid. Rumor is a deal might come before July 31st.

(New York)

Markets were up big yesterday. Most of the reason why seemed to be some great indications from an ongoing COVID vaccine study. Moderna seems to have reached a breakthrough in its COVID vaccine trials, and the promising results ensured a bigger study at the end of this month. All stocks that are considered COVID-sensitive, such as airlines and cruise lines, rose on the news. According to Invesco, “The way it’s looking at the moment, it really looks as though a vaccine is the only hope. This thing is not going away”.

FINSUM: That Invesco quote is sad, but appears entirely accurate. COVID does not seem to be fading whatsoever on its own, so a vaccine is the only thing that is going to return the world, including markets and the economy, to normal.

(Los Angeles)

In what comes as a possibly worrying sign for the nascent economic recovery, California has announced that it is reversing its re-opening process. Note that this is not merely a “pause” to re-opening, but a reversal, with restaurants, bars, and cinemas closing. The renewed rules were probably the most sweeping and decisiveness action taken to re-lockdown a state. COVID cases have been surging across the Sunbelt, but so far California’s measures to contain the second wave are the most stringent. This has investors worried other states may follow suit.

FINSUM: Two thoughts here. The first is that California is a huge state and highly influential, which makes it more likely other states will follow suit. That said, it is a very liberal state, so larger conservative states (e.g. Texas and Florida) are less likely to follow California’s lead.

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