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FINSUM is the market leader in financial news summaries. We save investors time and money by getting them the info they need quickly and efficiently, delivering concise summaries and hard-hitting analysis of the day's top market-moving news. FINSUM is written by an experienced team with a background in bond trading and equity research at top investment banks. We hope you join our thousands of other satisfied readers and find FINSUM useful and interesting. Welcome to FINSUM.

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Duncan MacDonald-Korth
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About the Editor


Duncan MacDonald-Korth is the Editor-in-Chief of FINSUM. He writes articles and personally crafts all editorial comments in FINSUM. Duncan formerly worked in investment banking at both Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, including in equity research. He has also worked as a research academic at the University of Oxford in England, where he published numerous scholarly articles on global markets, economics, and financial centers. Duncan has also been an investor and partner in several startups, particularly in the fintech, biotechnology and retail sectors. Duncan is a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford.

Duncan's work has been featured in numerous global newspapers, including the Financial TimesWall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Forbes.

Duncan originally hails from Miami, FL and has a B.A. from the University of Oregon and an M.Phil with Distinction from the University of Oxford.

Mr. MacDonald-Korth’s publications:

•    Wójcik, D. and MacDonald-Korth, D. "The British and the German financial sectors in the wake of the crisis: size, structure and spatial concentration". Journal of Economic Geography (2015). Paper here.
•    Wojcik, D. and MacDonald‐Korth, D. "The Geography of Foreign Exchange Trading: Currencies and International Financial Centres". Journal of Economic Geography  (2015- in press, revision submitted) Paper here
•    MacDonald‐Korth, D. and Wojcik, D. “Command Centres of the Asset Management Industry”. Environment and Planning C (2016-in press, to be submitted)
•    MacDonald-Korth, D., Wojcik, D., & Tubbs, M. “Re-centralization: How the marriage of Finance and Technology are Changing US Employment.” Journal of Economic Geography (2016, to be submitted)


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