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(Silicon Valley)

The Apple Car (capital C!) has been hyped all over the internet over the last year, and investors seem to be frothing over the idea. See the full story here on our partner Magnifi's site.

Dear FINSUM readers, we want to gauge your interest in a potential new ETF coming to market in 2021. As many of you will know, thematic tech ETFs have had some of the best returns over the last half decade, and there is a new ETF in the works that appears like it might have found another niche for excellent growth.

The M2M (symbol: MTOM), or machine-to-machine, economy is one where the smart, autonomous, networked and economic independent machines or devices act as the participants, carrying on the necessary activities of production, distribution, and allocation with little to no human intervention. It is often referred to as the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. M2M transforms traditional industries into technology industries. The enabling technologies include five G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, edge computing, big data, blockchain, quantum computing and, of course, the internet of things.

Please tell us what you think of MTOM in the form of a 30-second survey (2 multiple choice questions).

(New York)

Tech shares have been doing very well recently. This has given rise to renewed fears of overvaluation and a market correction. In the ten days leading up to December 8th,the Nasdaq 100 jumped 5.3%. While this makes some nervous after a year of huge gains for tech, history tells us this likely means more gains are coming. There have only been 10 times ion history when the Nasdaq 100 went on a ten-day winning streak, and the average gain in the year following was 19%.

FINSUM: The point here is that even if value stocks do well—which they have been as the economic outlook has brightened—tech stocks don’t look bearish by any means.

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