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Yields on the ten-year Treasury note crossed the 3% threshold this week and seem set to stay there for some time, sparking a big change in bond markets. Bloomberg argues that yields at this level change everything for all asset classes. The reason why is that a jump in yields to above 3% starts to cause a shake out amongst highly indebted companies, boosts the Dollar, and in turn, makes emerging markets less attractive.

FINSUM: To be honest, our biggest concern was not even discussed by Bloomberg, which is how higher yields affect the arithmetic for whether to put money in richly valued stocks, or into bonds that are starting to offer acceptable returns. 3%+ yields really could put an end to this bull market.

(New York)

On Tuesday markets seemed to reverse course. Even as stocks plunged, it appeared that for the first time in recent memory, they were the asset class driving bonds rather than the other way around. Yesterday, the idea of equities taking on a life of their own seemed to reinforce itself, as stock rose modestly even as bond yields jumped higher and stayed steady above 3%.

FINSUM: This is a very tenuous time for markets. Something is definitely happening in bonds, but no one—Wall Street included—knows exactly what.

(New York)

The ten-year Treasury rose to just above 3% for the first time in years yesterday, possibly signaling the start of a new era for fixed income. Therefore, one would be forgiven for thinking the bond market drove the big losses in stocks yesterday. However, the opposite may be true, as for the first time in a while, it seems that worries over earnings and new measures of investor sentiment sent the market sharply downward. In a total reversal from January, investors are now very bearish on the market according to economic surveys. This news appeared to spook investors and then in turn disturb the bond market.

FINSUM: Yesterday might be the start of a poor cycle, where stocks and bonds take turns scaring one another to steeper losses. Perhaps that is just a manifestation of a changing cycle.

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