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Goldman raised the odds of a recession to over one-third in the next two years. The tightening cycle and rate hikes are causing waves in markets and the Fed could bump the Federal Funds Rate eight times this year. Overall economic health in the G10 helps mitigate the possibility of a recession, but it's still a possibility. Experts are saying that the Fed has a narrow path for a soft landing if they want inflation to come down to 2% and keep unemployment from rising. There are signs that the economy is beginning to weaken as consumer confidence is wavering. Still, the stock market doesn’t seem to pricing in a recession, however, the experts on Wallstreet and financial services are beginning to prepare.

Finsum: Look to the yield curve for recession predictions its the best sign and its beginning to warn investors.

According to analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co commodities could hit record territory and climb as high as 40% in the upcoming months. Investors tilting their portfolios into commodities are doing so in response to rampant inflation. Commodities might be at relative highs but there is lot of reason these prices could further elevate. Russia’s invasion pushed commodities prices higher as grains, metals, and fossil fuels were all affected. Goldman Sachs has also pushed raw materials as an inflation hedge.

FinsumThe trickle-down effect of oil prices alone could further boost commodities in the coming months.

Former President of the NY Federal Reserve, the most powerful branch in the system, said that the Fed is going to have to inflict losses on bond and equity investors if it wants to manage inflation.  Dudley who served for almost a decade at the Fed, said they are also navigating other issues like labor market tightness and supply-chain disruptions which will make it difficult to navigate. This view however stands in stark contrast to the ‘Fed put’ where investors rely on the Fed to not tighten monetary policy too quickly in order to maintain stable equity prices. 

FinsumHigher rate hikes are definitely a possibility, and even dovish Presidents are looking like hawks.

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