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Venture capital has always been a hard-to-access asset class for advisors and their clients. The funds tend to have high minimums and long lock-up periods with extremely low liquidity. That said, returns are historically strong, and VC can often be an un-correlated asset class whose returns are differentiated in scope and timing from publicly-traded markets. Because of the lack of liquidity and easy access it has been an asset class that has largely been overlooked by advisors and high net worth individuals. However, there are some ways to access venture capital through liquid funds which are likely worth a look.

FINSUM: Not only can returns because excellent and uncorrelated, but VC is likely to become a more important asset class in the next few years. Why? Because more and more large companies are staying private for longer, which means investors need to ways to access the asset class in order to participate in the total return of the market.

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(New York)

Financial advisors often wonder about the best way to get client money into private equity. The industry has long had very high hurdles for investing directly in funds, and publicly traded funds that try to replicate private equity returns are still nascent. However, there is another good way to get PE like returns by proxy—buy publicly traded private equity company stocks. KKR is a very well known firm that is currently trading very cheaply and seems like a good buy. The stock rose 50% last year but badly trailed its rivals in a year that saw many PE companies double in value as they shifted from partnerships to corporations.

FINSUM: The market seems to be underpricing KKR’s ability to create management fees based on its dry powder, which is causing the weaker valuation.

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