BNY Mellon is one of the biggest asset managers with $2.3 trillion in AUM, and they are expanding their offerings by building model portfolios designed for the UBS Wealth Management USA clients. They will be particularly designed to deliver more reliable results during business cycles and geared toward meeting income-generation goals with clients. The range of portfolios will come in three different income varieties: stable, strategic,  and a growth hybrid. They view this as a natural evolution of their business at BNY and they are well suited to deliver models to UBS to meet income goals.

Finsum: More investors are looking for income products and models are rapidly trying to adapt to this demand.

Fidelity is launching a series of options that will mimic alternative hedge-fund-rescue strategies. Alternatives have surged in recent months with interest rate risk permeating the economy and volatility creeping higher. Led by Vadim Zlotniov, president of ‘Fidelity Diversifying Solutions’, the subbrand will hope to deliver funds investors are demanding in liquid alts. This is part of a wider push into alternatives where Fidelity has already dipped their toes into distressed debt, real estate, P/E, and crypto. 

Finsum: Alts are worth considering because of how uncorrelated they are with stocks and bonds right now.

Bonds and equities have stood tall in the face of the many windfalls that have faced financial markets in the last month. However, even the bulls are getting worried and alternatives could provide relief and earn higher yield. Real estate via REITs are in a great position as an asset class and could perform well in the upcoming years with higher interest rates. Art is an overlooked alternative which has had high appreciation, outpacing 10 major classes since Covid according to CITI. Finally private equity has been a go to for many investors, and has seen record inflows post-covid while remaining less correlated with equities.

Finsum: The biggest draw to private equity is that fixed income is more correlated than ever with stocks and so alternatives provide a better hedge.

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