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If you have doubts about where the market is heading and no fundamental view about direction, one place to search for one is in historical parallels. Sometimes looking at history prompts bullishness, but in this case, looking for past market parallels is terrifying. At the moment, the chart making the rounds is one comparing the current S&P 500 to 1937. Doing so makes it look as though the market is going to revert back into a bearish grip at any moment. But guess what, the same chart floated around in 2010, 2013, and 2015, and the big fall never happened.

FINSUM: This bull run has defied gravity many times, and it is hard to see why his time would be different. That said, all good things must come to an end at some point.

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Big bank Credit Suisse thinks the stock market rally will keep going. They say the big gains this year are mostly because of improved investor sentiment on the back of a more dovish Fed, weaker inflation, and the better prospects for a US-China deal. Further, the bank’s chief US equity strategist says “Our work indicates that investors have not fully re-risked portfolios following 4Q’s turbulence—despite a sharp decline in volatility and spreads—and that valuations will drift higher as they do so”.

FINSUM: We have to tentatively agree with this view. Sentiment is up, and combined with lower valuations and the fact that investors have not fully re-entered the market, there does seem to be a good runway higher.

(New York)

Well, it has finally happened, but not as anyone expected. The whole industry has been watching for the first zero fee ETF, which just happened with SoFi, but now they are getting the first negative fee ETF. While zero fee index mutual funds debuted last year, ETFs only just got there, until the debut of the SALT Financial Low TruBeta US Market ETF. For every $10,000 invested in the new fund, the issuer will pay you $5. However, as you may have expected, there is a catch. The catch is that once the fund gets over $100m in AUM, its regular fee of 0.29% kicks in.

FINSUM: This is nothing more than a sales gimmick (and they haven’t even structured it well). However, it is indicative of the trend things are heading in.

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