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We are entering a period of rising rates. This is a fundamental change from the modus operandi of the last decade and represents a paradigm shift for markets and investors. Therefore, volatility looks likely to stick around for some time. Accordingly, investing in low volatility stocks, which have been shown to perform just as well, if not better, than stock market indices during periods of stress, seems like a good idea. Barron’s chooses the ten lowest volatility stocks on the market, a list which includes Aflac, Coca-Cola, Loews, PepsiCo, Berkshire Hathaway, and Procter & Gamble, among others.

FINSUM: Given the ground shifting beneath investors’ feet, having some allocation to low volatility stocks seems like a wise plan.

(New York)

Unfortunately, there have been many school shootings and other massacres over the last few years. Each of them was followed by a brief outcry to increase gun regulation, to which there was no government response. However, something feels different this time around, and President Trump is moving to tighten some gun rules. Now it might be Wall Street’s turn to step back, as big asset managers such as BlackRock are looking at ways to strip gun companies out of the portfolios of clients who do not want to invest in them. Gun sector stocks have slumped badly since Trump’s election, mostly because the threat of new regulation—which drives gun sales—seems to be gone.

FINSUM: We are very unsure of how things will proceed here, but we can say that there does seem to be increasing political momentum towards more gun control for the first time in many years), which could influence Wall Street.

(New York)

In an article that addresses an issue unknown to us—that Americans don’t give US stocks enough love (?!)—BlackRock says that investors should buy American stocks in some select sectors. BlackRock says that “We have upgraded our tactical view of U.S. equities to overweight from neutral” continuing “The reason: Impending fiscal stimulus is supercharging U.S. earnings growth expectations”. Blackrock says it likes American tech stocks, US financials, and momentum and value plays.

FINSUM: US stocks surely haven’t been short on love over the last year, but we suspect BlackRock just means in the last few weeks. In that perspective, we agree that things aren’t as bearish as many fear.

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