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Planning a vacation around attending MLB games can be a thrilling way to experience America's pastime while exploring different cities. 


Start your journey at Wrigley Field in Chicago, home to the Chicago Cubs, where the historic charm and ivy-covered walls offer a nostalgic baseball experience. Next, head to Fenway Park in Boston, the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, where the iconic Green Monster and passionate Red Sox fans create an electric atmosphere. 


If soaking in the history isn’t as much of a concern, travel to Oracle Park in San Francisco, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay while watching the Giants play. 


Beyond the games, these cities offer rich cultural experiences, from Chicago's deep-dish pizza to Boston's historic Freedom Trail and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Planning your trip around these iconic ballparks ensures not only memorable games but also unforgettable adventures in some of America's most vibrant cities.

Finsum: Baseball’s new rules vastly improve the going experience as compared to the last couple of years. 

The conversation about rate cuts is heating up again as we move into 2024. Signals from the Fed hint at potential rate reductions, spurred by weaker job numbers and rising unemployment. With a lackluster June jobs report and unemployment up to 4.1%, a September rate cut looks increasingly likely. 


For investors, active ETFs offer a strategic response, providing flexibility and potential advantages over passive index funds. These ETFs can adapt to market shifts, benefiting from lower borrowing costs for smaller growth companies. 


As the market concentrates on a few mega-cap firms, active ETFs can diversify risk and capitalize on emerging opportunities. In light of these dynamics, active strategies present a potent option for investors adjusting to the evolving economic landscape.

Finsum: Active management could prove fruitful if interest rates fall and they can capitalize on, say, growth opportunities like tech. 

This summer brings a chance to refresh your wine experience by exploring local wines, visiting new wineries, and shaking up your routine to discover fresh and exciting vintages. Engage with local wine merchants and delve into the wines of different regions or varieties. 


Supporting local wine regions and occasionally splurging on a special bottle can elevate your wine journey. When traveling, seek out regional wines and visit local wineries to expand your palate. Encourage restaurants to feature local wines by asking about them, helping to boost their visibility. 


Embrace the adventure of trying something new, guided by recommendations from wine experts. This year, keep an eye out for trends like wines from minority and female winemakers, sustainable packaging, and alternative wine options.

Finsum: I think the combination of pairing a winery you know and one that is new for a tasting day allows a more intricate tasting experience.

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