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Vanguard is expanding their model portfolio selection for their ‘LifeStrategy’ brand on two fronts an MPS Classic and MPS Global. The MPS will have a total of five model portfolios which will be based in index funds giving a variety of risk preference choices to investors. The least risky models have a 20% equity exposure while escalating all the way to 100%. The MPS will definitely favor UK investments in both bonds and equities, but the global funds will be strictly a market cap weight. Vanguard is hoping the development of more model portfolios will deepen their relationship with financial advisors, by giving them better options to suit their end clients needs.  

The SEC is planning to beef up its Reg BI enforcement for the rest of the year. The SEC put out a recent bulletin focused on Reg BI compliance and the role that brokers and advisors play in the process. The tone was about how brokers and advisors need to take more responsibility into their own hands regarding compliance. Additionally, more focus and guidance on rollover recommendations is in the pipe, said the SEC. More bulletins on the topic are expected soon.

FINSUM: Rollovers are obviously a major topic for advisors, so this will be closely watched and scrutinized by the wealth management community.

JPMorgan is one of the few bulls it seems on Wall Street as Kolanovic says markets are just pricing in too much risk, but three stocks could be in the best position to rally. ACV Auctions is first which is a wholesale auto dealer. The revenues and the price are just a mismatch accordinding to JPMorgan. Boot Barn Holding is next with a rise in consumer spending as well as resilient profits are moving the EBITA nail for BOOT. Finally, there is Springworks Therapeutics which is a clinical research company for rare diseases. They have two prime candidates in different stages which could mean big things for their future moving forward.

Finsum: If the Fed steers its way around a recession then markets have definitely overreacted to tightening and equities could have a high upside. 

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