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(New York)

Societe Generale, famed European investment bank, has just told investors they should load up on gold. Gold is seeing several value drivers at the moment. These include the economic cycle and fears over the trade war, a lack of other safe haven assets, and importantly (and much less known), central bank purchases. Global central banks (like China’s) are trying to diverse away from the Dollar, and gold is an attractive way for them to do so.

FINSUM: There are a lot of tailwinds for the yellow metal right now. The Fed is less dovish than most expected and there does not seem to be much risk of a huge risk-on shift that would leave gold forgotten.

(New York)

Gold has had an extraordinary run over the last few months. It is the first time it has really broken out of its funk since just after the Crisis. However, both JP Morgan and Barclays are saying it is probably time to cash out. Both argue that gold’s recent rise has been driven by speculation and not real fundamentals, such as the direction of the Dollar and interest rates. As such, these prices look vulnerable.

FINSUM: This is good analysis, but we also have another reason for you—if the Fed cuts and investors switch to risk-on assets, where does that leave gold?

(New York)

Gold has been stuck in a bear market for a long time. However, it is getting close to completely breaking out of its funk, as the yellow metal is at a 6-year high. Gold is being driven by worries over the economy, falling yields, and a potentially weaker Dollar, as well as geopolitical fears. UBS summed up gold’s position this way, saying “[Due to the] declining cost of holding gold as rates remain low or continue to fall, gold’s appeal as a diversifier and alternative asset amid the current macro environment is increasing”.

FINSUM: Our only worry about gold is if rate cuts cause a risk-on move by investors that will leave gold in the dust.

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