A recent Goldman Sachs survey reveals that investors are enthusiastic about separately managed accounts (SMAs). Financial advisors appreciate SMAs for their professional management, customization, transparency, tax efficiency, and diversification benefits. 


Chris Mankoff of JTL Wealth Partners finds SMAs advantageous for aligning with clients' preferences and optimizing tax strategies. While there have been challenges in the past with SMAs but the recent technological advancements have made them more accessible and effective. 


Direct indexing, a step beyond SMAs, leverages technology for customized tax management and ESG preferences. Despite their benefits, SMAs may not be suitable for all clients, particularly those with smaller portfolios or predominantly pretax investments.

Finsum: While SMAs might not be for all, with a sizeable portfolio technology makes them easier for advisors to manage. 

The gigantic win for spot Bitcoin ETFs with the SEC represents a significant milestone in facilitating compliant access to the leading cryptocurrency. Since January 10, inflows exceeding $10 billion have bolstered optimism for Bitcoin and the broader market outlook. For retail investors, these ETFs offer a streamlined pathway to securely backed Bitcoin, simplifying the complexities associated with managing private keys.


As institutions grapple with meeting client demand for digital asset exposure, crypto separately managed accounts (SMAs) have emerged as a complementary investment solution gaining traction among wealth managers, family offices, and registered investment advisors (RIAs). SMAs, a staple in traditional asset classes, allow for direct ownership of underlying assets and provide customizable portfolios tailored to individual client preferences and investment strategies.


 With their ability to offer regulatory compliance, security measures, and tax optimization strategies, SMAs present a compelling option alongside spot Bitcoin ETFs for navigating the evolving landscape of digital asset investments.

Finsum: SMAs are a great pathway to optimize tax structure for investors and get simplicity in a turbulent alternative space like crypto.

Investors with over $250,000 are increasingly turning to separately managed accounts, allowing them to handpick municipal bonds with professional guidance. These accounts now hold $987 billion in assets, surpassing mutual funds, which hold about $769.7 billion.


This shift has significantly boosted business, with Franklin Templeton seeing a 50% increase in assets under management over the past year and a half. Lowering the minimum investment to $250,000 has made these accounts more accessible, though still beyond the reach of most Americans. 


However, advancements in technology are driving further accessibility, with potential for minimums to drop to $100,000 in the near future. With artificial intelligence breaking down barriers by making management for portfolio quicker to digest the minimums are bound to fall. 

Finsum: The SMA explosion is here to stay in the fixed income market and managers should watch the evolution. 


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