Realized Financial recently announced a series of enhancements to its real estate solutions. The company provides real estate wealth solutions to individuals and families that own legacy investment properties and other appreciated financial and capital assets. The new features, which include predictive statistical analysis, rely on expanded levels of commercial-grade data and technology to help create more informed decisions when constructing customized portfolios of commercial real estate (CRE) investments. While alternative investments such as commercial real estate are projected to reach $23 trillion by 2026, technology has been slow to provide the transparency or customization. The new platform enhancements include customizable portfolio inputs like property types, location, or deal length, a partnership structure that can help investors’ accounts actively reflect their ongoing portfolio goals and objectives, a Confidence Score that provides an analysis of the likelihood a Sponsor will reach the projected income distributions outlined in their Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), and White Labeled Investment Plans and Investor Portals that allow advisors to apply their unique information and company branding to both Realized investment plans and the client portal. As part of the announcement, Stephanie Elliott, president at Realized Financial, stated, "Our guiding principle is enabling individuals and their advisors to manage investment property wealth with the same discipline as other traditional asset classes. These latest enhancements seek to deliver new levels of insight, control, and assurance when constructing and managing passive CRE investments."

Finsum:Realized Financial, which provides real estate wealth solutions to individuals and families recently announced a series of enhancements amid increased demand for alternative investments.

Parcl recently announced the launch of the real estate investment platform Parcl Protocol, allowing users to trade the price movements of real estate markets around the world. Its users can now invest in or trade specific geographical markets, which can be used for directional investment and hedging strategies in a traditionally opaque and walled-off asset class. Parcl is a digital real estate protocol built on Solana, a blockchain specifically designed to host decentralized and scalable applications. Through the Parcl Protocol and leveraging data provided by Parcl Labs, Parcl facilitates real estate investment. It provides exposure to cities in the United States such as New York City, Miami, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, while international cities such as Paris, London, and Singapore will be coming later this year. Users can browse global real estate markets, gain detailed insights, and have the opportunity to either buy or short real estate markets based on whether they think the real-world property values will increase or decrease. The platform is also built differently than other real estate platforms such as Yieldstreet, RealT, or Fundrise as it takes a new approach to increase liquidity and improve scale by using derivatives. The derivatives can improve diversification and add stability to a portfolio.

Finsum:Parcl launched the real estate investment platform Parcl Protocol, which allows users to trade the price movements of real estate markets around the world.

According to Nareit, an organization that represents the REIT industry, REITs posted their best monthly returns since January 2019 and outperformed the broader markets. The FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs index jumped 10.1% while the FTSE Nareit Equity REITs index rose 10.7%. Those figures compare favorably to the 7.0% gain of the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market and the 6.7% gain for the Russell 1000. The strong returns came as a result of investor optimism stemming from the widely expected belief that the Federal Reserve will pivot from its rate hiking cycle as inflation slows. In addition, REIT operational performance continues to be strong. For instance, REITs reported a new all-time high of $19.9 billion in funds from operations in the third quarter of 2022 according to Nareit’s T-Tracker. During January, all property sectors had a positive performance. The top sectors include lodging/resorts with a 17.1% gain, industrials which rose 13.7%, and data centers at 13.2%. Even the laggard sectors were positive, with retail rising 7.4% and infrastructure gaining 6.8%. Global real estate markets also performed strongly with the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed index gaining 9.0% compared to a 7.3% gain for the FTSE Global All Cap. In terms of regions, Developed Europe led with a return of 10.8%, followed by North America at 10.7%, and Developed Asia at 3.7%.

Finsum:REITs posted the strongest monthly performance since January 2019 as investors remain optimistic that the Fed will slow its rate hiking policy and REIT operational performance remains robust.

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