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(Los Angeles)

More bad news is flowing out of the housing market. For the last several months, home sales, new builds, and demand has been falling. Prices are down in some major metropolitan areas. Now, new data shows that mortgage demand is contracting. US mortgage applications fell to their lowest level since 2014 in recent weeks. This comes on the back of mortgage rates rising to their highest since 2010.

FINSUM: There have been eight rate hikes since 2018 and home prices are at lofty levels. A downturn should come as no surprise.

(New York)

Housing stocks are in a real slump right now. Many homebuilders are in a full bear market following months of slowing home sales and new construction. For instance, the iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF is down 26% this year. That said, take a look at two stocks that seem like they have strong upside—Ingersoll-Rand (IR) and Lennox International (LII). Both companies are in the HVAC sector of housing, which is a strong niche.

FINSUM: What is so strong about the air conditioning and heating (HVAC) sector is that it is at the start of a big replacement cycle. These machines typically last 12 to 15 years, so there is an ongoing boom in replacement of the huge amounts of these systems installed in the 2003 to 2006 housing surge.

(New York)

Everyone know the housing market is facing some headwinds. Strong home price growth combined with higher rates is hurting demand. Accordingly, sales and new activity have been falling since the late spring. However, new data shows that home prices seem to have already entered a cyclical downturn that is only going to intensify. A combination of low affordability, slowing demand, and higher rates have conspired to bring down home prices, and it does not look like things will turn around quickly. The Fed is already warning about real estate being a “downside risk” for the economy.

FINSUM: The whole housing market seems to be slowly, but surely, stalling. Homebuilder stocks have been hammered, prices are falling, and rates are rising. It seems like we are in for a downturn.

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