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Inflation: the omnipresent bugaboo. As it continues to hang around a 40 year high in the U.S., to offset unabated volatility In the traditional stock market, many investors are plumbing for alternative strategies, according to glovenewswire.com as sourced from yieldstreet.

Now, fortuitously, in recent years. diversity and accessibility has evolved into the name of the game in alternative investment options. Yieldstreet, among other online investment platforms, have significant ratcheted up the ease with which investors can alter direction and sprinkle critical diversification into the portfolios, the site continued. 

And there’s this: given the gaggle of strategies from which to select, all investors need do is home in on the alternative investment , such as P2P Lending, real estate or crypto, best sutured to for their specific investing style and level of risk.

So, if the stock market isn’t your cup of tea, according to investables-blog.webflow.io, seven best investment alternatives include: 

  • Gold
  • Real estate
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Art
  • Wine & Liquor
  • NFTs
  • Watches

In the event inflation extends beyond 3%, the site added, there’s as much as a 32% uptick in art sales.  When conditions hit the skids in traditional finances, investors head to the best alternative investments. That, most of the time? Bingo. Art.

In the aftermath of what had been a sweet buzz of a ride, stocks are embroiled in another unwelcome turn, according to ally.com. Last week, of course, the S&P 500, bless it, threw in the towel of what had been a four-week run. This week? You go it; the setback continues.  


So, what’s up with that? Well, let’s count the uncertainties. Corporate earnings season’s winding down. Summer? Vaulting into the rear view mirror. And the news cycle will slow to a trickle. It all spells a vacuum in solid direction which, right again, puts air under the likelihood of volatility, the site continued.


In fact, taking, well, stock, of the interest rate trend lines over this  summer, they’re more rocky than stable, according to money.usnews.com. The swings in the average 30 year fixed rates have been madcap, percolating and descending by as much as a quarter point per seek following a mid June peak to 5.81%.


The 30-year fixed rate went back up to well over 5% this week -- a reminder that recent volatility remains persistent, said Sam Khater, vice president, chief economist and head of Freddie Mac’s Economic and Housing Research division. “Although rates continue to fluctuate, recent data suggest that the housing market is stabilizing as it transitions from the surge of activity during the pandemic to a more balanced market.” 

Many investors have moved off of REITs and they are trading well below their 200-day moving averages. This makes them a value proposition, particularly as volatility starts to rise. Uncertainty particularly around Ukraine and Russia is fueling volatility but its uncorrelated with REIT volatility which gives it a huge risk advantage on top of it all they are more robust to inflation. Two great REITs to consider with great value at the moment are Alexandria Real Estate Equities and Crown Castle International. These REITs have healthcare and telecom exposures respectively which are in a particularly attractive position as healthcare spending is a higher portion of budgets and 5G is exploding.

Finsum: It’s easy to see that alternatives should be seeing inflows given the volatility in traditional equity and bond markets.

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