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Barron’s has been getting increasingly bearish of late (with the Dow at 25,000 now, we can understand why!), and they have published a bearish article laying out the case for why a correction is looming. The argument has a lot to do with price action, and what the market is showing is that despite reaching a new high, it is coasting rather than gaining momentum. The last trading day of the year—a 118-point loss—was a worrying sign of slowing momentum, and many technical indicators now point to falling prices soon.

FINSUM: One key takeaway from this piece is that despite January being considered a good month for stocks, that is not the case in midterm election years.

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The stock market just finished a sensational year, capping what seems a one-in-a-lifetime nine-year run. However, there is something very surprising about this rally that is different than those in the past—more and more Americans are sitting it out because of fear. Since the start of 2012, nearly a trillion Dollars has been pulled from retail equity mutual funds (some went back in as ETFs). The market rose 116% over the same period. In the last three years, US stock funds (ETFs included) have seen net outflows each year.

FINSUM: The Financial Crisis left deep scars for investors all across the country, and the traumatic effects of it can be seen in the data.

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It is that time of the year again, and investors need to watch out. January is historically the top month for retail bankruptcies, and it seems likely there is going to be another cull this year. Last year saw a furious pace of retail bankruptcies, with more companies going bust than during the Great Recession. January is traditionally when most companies file, according to data going back to 1981.

FINSUM: Christmas sales were a little better than feared this year, so a couple of zombies might linger on longer than January, but this is certainly going to be another year of retail bankruptcies.

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