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(New York)

Anyone on the lookout for signs of a correction might want to pay attention to this. New data shows that US investors are avoiding US stock funds. Of the $4.1 bn poured into mutual funds and ETFs in the week ending December 27th, around 70% of the money flowed overseas. The trend is nothing new though, as US stock funds saw their third straight year of net outflows despite the market rising strongly. Taxable bond funds and international stock funds have seen 56 straight weeks of inflows.

FINSUM: We don’t think this is a warning sign of anything other than good times to come. US investors tend to put more money overseas when they are bullish, so this is not a negative sign.

(San Francisco)

While they are far from young or immature businesses, so-called FNAG stocks have all stuck to the current entrepreneurial mantra of not paying a dividend. That may be about to change as Facebook may soon be compelled to start issuing one. The company has 2 bn users and is reaching the limits of its growth potential. If headline growth starts to slow, which it almost inevitably will, expect investors to start demanding dividends and buybacks. Non FANG, but closely related stocks, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Intel, are all paying or raising dividends.

FINSUM: Dividends and buybacks would be a very positive driver for Facebook’s stock price, especially if they started before growth began to wane.

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