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If you are feeling some relief because of the “trade truce” between the US and China, don’t. At least that is what Morgan Stanley and Bank of America are saying. Morgan Stanley explains that the current rally is very reminiscent of what happened last November, just before the market imploded and had the worst December on record. At that time, the US and China had another truce which sent markets rallying. However, bigger tensions loomed larger and set the market up for a historic fall. One of the big issues was that the seeming ”truce” stopped inventory managers from purchasing because there was no more incentive to stockpile.

FINSUM: The most interesting view here is the idea that the markets are trapped between the “Powell Put” and the “Trump Call”. That is the concept that every time markets are doing well, Trump will try to drive a harder bargain with China, and if the market falls, Powell will cut rates. In this way, markets could be trapped in a banded range.

(New York)

America tends to be very US-centric, but right now it would be wise to pay attention to some global economic signals. In particular, manufacturing is starting to look very weak across the world, and the negative wave is already impacting the US. Factory output across Europe and Asia declined in June, and the US’ barely rose. Globally, it was a second straight month of contractions, something that has not happened since 2012. More specific data showed declining sales and production in both China and Germany.

FINSUM: The US has been sprayed with Teflon for most of this bull market, but given the global nature of the trade war, it seems like we may be starting to get sucked into the downturn.


In what comes as a troubling sign for the economy, but surely one good for the likelihood of a rate cut next month, new economic data shows that US manufacturing output slipped in June. The ISM manufacturing index slipped own into the territory between expansion and contraction. Perhaps more worrying than the absolute level is the fact that the index has been dropping for three straight months. However, many were expecting a worse drop, so this data was not as alarming as expected.

FINSUM: The fact that this was not as bad as expected is actually a very bearish sign, as it shows the current expectations of the market.

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