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Many investors have become accustomed to the rising equity prices that have been pumped up by an ultra-low rate environment and are overexposed to too much risk, at least that's the opinion of 4/5ths of investment professionals surveyed by Natixis Investment managers. Over 3/4rs of professionals surveyed said that inflation and interest rates were the biggest risks to portfolios moving forward. The way out of that risk exposure is to have more active management which can thrive when the risks are apparent. The other solution is model portfolios which have been built to target specific risks like inflation or interest rate risk. Finally, advisors are being begged to add crypto to portfolios in a high weight, and are unsure of how this fits into portfolios.

Finsum: Regular volatility or supply-side shocks are almost impossible to predict, but when the risks are very apparent investors should take the necessary precautions.

Direct indexing is in its infancy in UK and Euro area, whereas across the pond it has taken off quickly. Driving the growth in the U.S. is the ability for direct and custom indexing to accommodate the US tax system and those benefits just aren’t present in Europe. However, ESG is a well-developed market and direct indexing is turning the heads of many ESG investors for its custom approach. Experts say the institutional knowledge in Europe could make it a haven for direct indexing because larger ETFs take too simple of an approach. Morgan Stanley’s Paramterics sees a natural marriage of these industries because experts can develop more robust indices or individual investors can drop the greenwashers from the indices they are tracking.

Finsum: ESG could vault direct indexing to the investing frontier in the way that tax-loss harvesting has in the U.S.

Technology stocks ticked up late this week which was refreshing as they have suffered since November when the Nasdaq crept to an all-time high. Rising bond yields fueled the devaluation in technology stocks because as the yield curve steepened this lowers the relative value of future cash flows which are the foundation of growth stocks. Additionally higher inflation also devalues those future earnings. However, the yield curve stagnating was enough to boost the Nasdaq by 3%. Additionally, most tech companies have surpassed expectations on earnings despite headline numbers from Meta.

Finsum: It might not take too many rate hikes to put inflation back in its place which means tech could be undervalued!

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