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ESG has been one of the fastest-growing stories of 2021 and has taken over every other headline with it. However, things could be shifting in 2022 for ESG, and fund leaders see things shifting for ESG in 2022. The first big area of change will be talent and analysts more catered to addressing and differentiating ESG content. Investors will also face greater scrutiny from compliance officials and regulators, and language will be more cautious moving forwarded. Finally, investors themselves will definitely demand more than just a green label, but rather specifics of how companies are meeting and leading the way in ESG.

FINSUM: If 2021 was the year of explosion in ESG and impact investing, 2022 will be marked by how regulators tightened the reigns on this explosive industry.

Investors are doubling down efforts to carry out specific reviews of companies ESG compliance, as a new survey found that 72% carry out reviews compared to a meager 32% a couple of years ago. Some stocks are standing out from the crowd as good ESG investments moving forward. Microsoft stands out by their detailed yearly reports that will stand up to scrutiny and their pledges to reduce their carbon footprint seem very plausible. The next big stock is Nvidia which has one of the highest ESG ratings in the chip manufacturing industry and GPU and other chip demand will only grow moving forward. Dividend darling Coca-Cola should also be on investor’s radar as it has a long positive history of supporting sustainable initiatives. Rounding out the best picks is American Express which has an AA rating on ESG efforts putting it in the industry's 93 percentile.

FINSUM: Stock pickers should look out for consistent ESG benchmarks as this will likely lead to outperformance moving forward.

The environmental, social, and governance investment trend continues on a full head of steam as Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellon both launched a series of new ETFs aligning with different ESG objectives. Goldman launches a Large Cap equity ETF which tracks companies aligned with the new Paris Climate Agreement. Meanwhile BNY Mellon drops three new active ESG ETFs: the first will invest in over 80% sustainable U.S. equity, the second geared towards global markets, and the final will target emerging markets. These are just the latest as both Ark and JPMorgan created two new ESG ETFs as well in the last week. Some of the newer ETFs are following in the Euro area trend of specific disinvestment from companies reliant on C02.

FINSUM: The best part of all the new ESG focused products is the way they can be added that complement an existing portfolio: lacking large cap, pick up an ESG focused large cap ETF.

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