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Assessing Opportunities and Risks in Private Real Estate

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Institutional investors and money managers came together at the annual PERE America Forum and shared some thoughts on the private real estate market. The overall sentiment is that conditions will remain challenging until 2025 due to a large amount of commercial real estate debt that needs to be rolled over or refinanced at much higher rates.


According to John Murray, the head of PIMCO’s global private commercial real estate team, the situation is as bad as the Great Financial Crisis in terms of dislocations in capital markets. He notes that Fed policy is the major headwind, and its ‘crushing’ sentiment and liquidity. 


Sajith Ranasinghe, head of real estate at Church Pension Group, remarked that price discovery has been limited so investors are focusing more on income. He also expressed interest in private REITs which are down over 30% since rates began moving higher in 2022. 


Saul Lubetski, the vice-chairman of Harbor Group International recommends a ‘scalpel approach’ as $1.5 trillion of maturities are set to expire by 2025. He notes that the refinancing has already begun, albeit at a smaller and slower pace which should accelerate this year. However, it’s increasingly evident that borrowers are finally making peace with higher rates. 

Finsum: At the annual PERE conference, institutional investors and money managers gathered to share some thoughts on the private real estate market.


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