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In what is looking like a big win for broker-dealers and the entire anti-fiduciary rule countermovement, one of the big pro-Fiduciary states just had its plan resoundingly rejected. Maryland, who has made a splash in the wealth management world recently by announcing a new fiduciary rule push, just had its efforts all but obliterated by its own Senate Finance Committee. 10 out of 11 members on the committee voted against the rule (the eleventh person was excused from needing to vote), effectively ending the push for now.

FINSUM: What we are really hoping for is that the SEC is able to come up with a rule that makes states happy so that we do not end up with different rules in every part of the country, further fragmenting our financial landscape.

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The press has a complicated relationship with annuities. On the one hand, some investors love them and the relative predictability they offer, while on the other, there are loads of stories of abuse. That said, they still have utility for investors, and with that in mind, here is a list of some of the best across six different categories. For immediate income, Minnesota Life has some well rated products with good payouts. Penn Mutual Life and Lincoln National Life also have strong offerings. For deferred income annuities there are some other providers to check out, including Symetra Life, CUNA Mutual, Principal Financial, and Guardian Life.

FINSUM: Guaranteed income at certain life thresholds is a valuable proposition for clients, it is the irresponsible way in which they have sometimes been sold that raises issues. This article lists some good candidates.

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The fiduciary rule’s journey has been a seemingly endless saga. Opponents of the rule thought they had finally defeated it when the fifth circuit court ruled against it last year. However, its path is far from over and is showing an interesting parallel: marijuana. Fierce proponents of cannabis legalization have taken a different tact after a federal level push failed—they have gone to the state level. As most will have noticed, marijuana has been legalized in many states as part of a grassroots push for cannabis. The fiduciary rule is now playing out the same way, as new state-level rules have been popping up all over the country, threatening to bring patch work regulation.

FINSUM: One would not naturally think to compare the fiduciary rule and marijuana, but the regulatory path for both is looking quite similar. This would not be a good outcome for broker-dealers.

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