Friday, 28 June 2024 03:19

New DOL Impacts Retirement

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The DOL's new Retirement Security Rule mandates that advisors handling retirement savings follow a fiduciary standard, prioritizing clients' best interests. Effective September 23, 2024, with a 365-day transition period, this rule could help clients save up to $5 billion annually by ensuring unbiased advice. 


The rule addresses issues with rollovers and commissions, aiming to close previous regulatory loopholes. While some industry groups plan to challenge the rule in court, many investment advisors already operating under fiduciary standards support it.


The CFP Board applauds the rule, noting that 92% of Americans expect fiduciary-level retirement advice. This rule intensifies the debate between fee-only advisors and commission-based professionals regarding conflicts of interest.

Finsum: We don’t expect this rule to have a huge impact on advisors, but future regulation will drastically be impacted by November 2024. 

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