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Thursday, 22 September 2022 05:13

DOL Claims Fiduciary Rule Lawsuit Lacks Standing

The Department of Labor has asked a Texas federal judge to toss a fiduciary rule lawsuit brought by a group of licensed independent insurance agents and the trade group Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice Inc. The agents and the trade group had sued the agency in February arguing that a December 2020 DOL regulation advances policies that the Fifth Circuit invalidated in 2016. Their complaint alleges that the 2020 rule illegally expands the definition of an Employee Retirement Income Security Act fiduciary. The plaintiffs moved for summary judgment in July asking the court to vacate the new interpretation of the law. They reasoned that the rule allows the DOL to "rewrite and expand" the definition of a fiduciary, much in the same way that the Fifth Circuit had ruled against it. The DOL, in a recent memorandum, said the plaintiffs adopted "several extreme positions" to conflate a 2016 agency rule with a newer version from 2020 and that they distorted Fifth Circuit precedent.

Finsum:The DOL asked a federal judge in Texas to toss a fiduciary rule lawsuit against the agency that claims its 2020 regulation advances the same policies that the Fifth Circuit invalidated in 2016.

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Thursday, 08 September 2022 02:51

Do Target Date Funds Have It Wrong?

When an investor owns a target date fund, the asset mix shifts over time. For younger investors, the portfolio emphasizes equities and allocates less to long-duration fixed income. When investors get older and approach retirement, target-date funds reduce the equity exposure and add duration to fixed income. Tyler Thorn, a multi-sector portfolio manager at PGIM Fixed Income, told Pension & Investments that this is the opposite of how duration should be managed. He believes that a target-date fund’s duration goes in the wrong direction. He stated, “Instead of starting low and rising with age, it should start high and decline with age.” Thorn believes that younger investors need more duration exposure since they will be spending a lot more in the future. Thorn also believes that if these changes were implemented, they could make the 60/40 portfolio more viable.

Finsum:A PGIM Fixed Income manager believes that the 60/40 portfolio can be fixed if bond duration was managed differently.

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Friday, 12 August 2022 04:15

Senate Bill Would Curb ESG In Retirement Plans

If a new bill in the Senate gets passed at some point, ESG investing in retirement plans may become a thing of the past. On July 26th, Senator Mike Braun of Indiana introduced The Maximize Americans’ Retirement Security Act (S. 4613), legislation that would clarify that the fiduciary duty of plan administrators is to select and maintain investments based solely on “pecuniary” financial factors. Based on the legislation, pecuniary factors are defined as any factors that a fiduciary prudently determines are expected to have a material effect on the risk or return of an investment. The bill, which was co-sponsored by seven other GOP senators, would curb the Department of Labor’s efforts to make it easier for plan fiduciaries to consider ESG factors when selecting plan investments. ESG investing has become a hot political topic as of late, and its recent underperformance during the bear market has only further added to the scrutiny.

Finsum: With ESG becoming a hot political issue, GOP Senators introduced a bill that would curb the DOL’s efforts to make it easier for plan fiduciaries to consider ESG factors in plan investments. 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 19:04

Top 4 Annuity Questions

The bond market has had extreme difficulties as of late, and most investors are looking to annuities for an income alternative, but what questions should they be asking themselves. The first is what is the term of the annuity? Duration and commitment play a pivotal role in how you are assessing the asset. How much is the surrender charge? Look for de-escalating surrender charges if you may get out early. How does your annuity generate interest? Many indexed annuities can be linked to the markets like the S&P 500 which can give stock exposure without as much risk. Finally, can you withdraw early, and what are the liquidity constraints? You may want to be able to have a flexible withdrawal amount in case of emergencies.

Finsum: With more investors turning to annuities, it’s critical advisors understand why they are using them as a financial vehicle.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2022 19:44

ESG: The Next Wave in Annuities

Everyone is racing to develop and deliver a new ESG product, and annuities are just the latest on this trend. BlackRock is teaming up with RetireOne and Midland National to deliver an SG option for a Fixed Index Annuity. The index will seek to minimize its exposure to environmental risk and invest in companies with lower C02 emissions, better data privacy, and workforce diversity. ESG assets as a whole could make up 50% or more of assets under management by 2025 and this is an indication of how that trend is entering other industries. Disclosure and ESG risks are prominent considerations for many companies.

Finsum: This is a great option for investors wanting income and ESG to tackle two birds with one stone.

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