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Annuity Sales in 2023 Reach New Records

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Annuity sales in 2023 were up 22% compared to the previous year, reaching $355.4 billion. The biggest contributor to this growth was the independent sales channel, which now accounts for 40.6% of all annuities sold, totaling $156.2 billion. In 2022, independent agents and brokers accounted for 38.7% of sales. They also accounted for 74% of all fixed indexed annuity sales.

The growth in total annuity sales is due to rising interest rates and the large number of Baby Boomers who are entering or nearing retirement. In terms of categories, income annuities saw the largest increase in sales, at 45% for single premium immediate annuities and a 97% increase for deferred income annuities. 

While most categories saw growth, traditional variable annuities were an exception, as sales dropped by 17%. In contrast, registered index-linked annuities displaced some of these sales as the category had a 15% jump in sales. These annuities offer investors downside protection and limited upside and total $47.4 billion in sales in 2023. 

Keith Golembiewski, the head of annuity research at LIMRA, believes that RIAs are a source of future growth for variable annuity sales. These annuities offer upside potential and allow for deferral of taxes, making them ideal for older clients. Currently, RIAs are a small but growing source of annuity sales. 

Finsum: Annuity sales hit new record highs in 2023. Some major reasons are an uncertain economic outlook, Baby Boomers nearing retirement, and high interest rates. 

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