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Tuesday, 07 May 2024 04:53

Annuity Sales Continue Torrid Pace

US annuity sales reached $113.5 billion in Q1, 21% higher than last year. It was also the second-highest quarterly figure on record after the fourth quarter of 2023, according to LIMRA. There was solid and impressive growth across nearly every category, and the organization anticipates that sales will remain strong for the rest of the year. 

Bryan Hodgens, the head of LIMRA research, noted, “The remarkable sales trends over the past two years continued into 2024. Favorable economic conditions and rising investor interest in securing guaranteed retirement income have resulted in double-digit sales growth in every product line.” 

Fixed-rate deferred annuities accounted for the biggest share of sales at 42%. This segment generated $48 billion in revenue, a 16% increase from last year. 85% of fixed-rate deferred annuities had durations of less than 5 years. 

Fixed-indexed annuities set a new record in terms of quarterly sales at $29.3 billion, 27% higher than last year. The next highest contributor were income annuities. Among this category, single-premium immediate annuity sales were $4 billion, a 19% increase from last year, and deferred-income annuities were at $1.1 billion, 35% higher than last year. Registered index-linked annuities saw $14.5 billion in sales and continue to be the fastest-growing segment with a 40% growth rate.

Finsum: Annuity sales maintained their hot streak with a new record for Q1 sales and the second-highest quarterly figure. LIMRA attributes this to high interest rates and unease about the economic situation. 

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One of the most important decisions that retirees will make is their Social Security claiming date. It’s only made once, and it will have long-term repercussions. Therefore, it’s crucial to make the best decision. 

There are single-premium, non-variable fixed or indexed annuities that are designed to offer retirees income at one level during the first benefit period and then at a different level during the second benefit period. 

This can help retirees push back their claiming date so that they can receive a higher level of benefits. The initially higher level of income can last up to 8 years. The median premium is $100,000, with an average of $155,000. 

These offerings have been popular with middle-income clients and even some wealthier clients, especially among workers in government jobs who can retire at earlier ages. Additionally, these products are also amenable to investors with less tolerance for risk who value steady income over asset appreciation. One obstacle to greater adoption of these types of annuities is that it’s challenging for advisors and agents to explain the benefits of pushing back the Social Security claiming date. 

Finsum: Annuities can help retirees by pushing back their Social Security claiming date. One annuity product is increasingly popular as it comes with a higher level of income in the upfront years to help bridge the gap.

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Many investors may be looking to diversify their portfolios given recent gains in equities. While there are many options, leveraged index annuities can reduce portfolio risk while still offering some growth potential.  

Leveraged index annuities are typically bought upfront with a single payment. The interest earned on these products is not taxable until it is withdrawn, which also makes them an effective vehicle for saving.  

These annuities are leveraged to a major market index like the S&P 500. Interest is earned when the underlying index appreciates; however, there is no loss of principal in the event that the index suffers losses. 

The tradeoff is that interest earned on the annuity is capped depending on the terms of the annuity agreement. For instance, the maximum earnable rate of interest could be set at 12%. This means that in a year like 2023, when the S&P 500 was up 24%, the annuity owner’s earned interest would be capped at 12%. On the other hand, the annuity owner would have seen no loss of principal when the S&P 500 was down 19% in the previous year.  

This combination makes leveraged index annuities ideal for investors who want to diversify and de-risk their portfolios while still growing their wealth.

Finsum: Leveraged index annuities are a way for investors to reduce risk and increase diversification while still allowing for appreciation. 

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Thursday, 28 March 2024 06:22

Annuity Sales in 2023 Reach New Records

Annuity sales in 2023 were up 22% compared to the previous year, reaching $355.4 billion. The biggest contributor to this growth was the independent sales channel, which now accounts for 40.6% of all annuities sold, totaling $156.2 billion. In 2022, independent agents and brokers accounted for 38.7% of sales. They also accounted for 74% of all fixed indexed annuity sales.

The growth in total annuity sales is due to rising interest rates and the large number of Baby Boomers who are entering or nearing retirement. In terms of categories, income annuities saw the largest increase in sales, at 45% for single premium immediate annuities and a 97% increase for deferred income annuities. 

While most categories saw growth, traditional variable annuities were an exception, as sales dropped by 17%. In contrast, registered index-linked annuities displaced some of these sales as the category had a 15% jump in sales. These annuities offer investors downside protection and limited upside and total $47.4 billion in sales in 2023. 

Keith Golembiewski, the head of annuity research at LIMRA, believes that RIAs are a source of future growth for variable annuity sales. These annuities offer upside potential and allow for deferral of taxes, making them ideal for older clients. Currently, RIAs are a small but growing source of annuity sales. 

Finsum: Annuity sales hit new record highs in 2023. Some major reasons are an uncertain economic outlook, Baby Boomers nearing retirement, and high interest rates. 

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Lincoln Financial Group unveils the 1 Year S&P 500® Dual Trigger (Dual Trigger) account option for its fixed indexed annuities, offering growth potential in all market conditions with 100% downside protection. 


Consumer concerns about inflation, investment losses, and market volatility have driven demand for such products, with 61% of consumers seeking investments balancing growth and protection. With industry projections expecting fixed indexed annuity sales to reach nearly $100 billion in 2025, Lincoln Financials’ enhancements aim to simplify strategies, providing growth opportunities while safeguarding against volatility. 


Additionally, Lincoln introduces the 1 Year S&P 500® 10% Daily Risk Control Trigger for its OptiBlend® fixed indexed annuity, offering potential for higher trigger crediting rates in certain markets. With a commitment to helping investors protect their savings, Lincoln Financial expands its annuity product portfolio to offer clients more choices for building wealth and confidence in retirement, working with over 22,000 financial professionals in 2023 to provide new annuity contracts.

Finsum: The recent uptick in annuity products appears to be driven by demographic shifts and boosted demand. 

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