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Friday, 16 July 2021 16:52

Rising Treasury Yields Could Lift These Stocks

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(New York)

Treasury yields sank last week, before rebounding strongly late in the week…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site.

Monday, 12 July 2021 20:21

The Best Value Buys in Every Industry

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(New York)

Expensive stocks are the norm these days as P/E ratios are near all-time highs…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site.

(New York)

General Electric is a withered giant. Sure, it has ridden the comeback since the start of the pandemic, but it's so far off the $30 price tag of five years ago. However, Goldman Sachs sees a better future in the tea leaves for GE. In a memo to investors, Goldman set a $16 price target for GE and sees it as a ‘self-help’ success story. Goldman alludes to the repaired finances and leverage under the CEO Larry Gulp. Additionally, a global recovery, higher energy consumption, and better margins could push their stock higher, potentially a $20 price target. Earning projections remain strong for GE through the end of the year.

FINSUM: General electric is in a solid cheap position and Goldman might have been on to something as the stock lifted to $13 early in the week.

Friday, 04 June 2021 17:09

These are the Best Value Stocks in a Hot Economy

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(New York)

The U.S. economy could be running as hot as ever, particularly when it comes to price pressure…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

Wednesday, 02 June 2021 17:22

Wall Street Says These Stocks are About to Soar

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Markets have been turbulent over the last month but overall 2021 couldn’t be…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

Monday, 24 May 2021 17:38

New Investing Methods Expose Big Value

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(New York)

An asset manager at Applied Finance Capital Management told market watch of…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

Friday, 14 May 2021 17:50

Why Midcaps May Be Poised to Outperform

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The conventional wisdom in markets has always been that large caps hold up better in periods of volatility, and small caps outpace in returns when markets start to recover. The reality, however, is far different. If you take a look at a series of turbulent periods of the last few decades, you can see a clear trend: midcaps actually perform better. They suffer similar losses during periods of volatility, but actually recover faster than both “domestically-focused” small caps and “mature” large caps. In periods of high volatility, midcaps have fallen by 41% on average, slightly less than large caps at 42.93% and small caps at 45.05%. In periods of recovery, it has taken midcaps only 304 days to recover versus 544 for large caps, and 432 for small caps.

The data highlights the significant outperformance of midcaps versus their peers. So how can investors best commit capital to midcaps? Take a look at State Street’s SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF.

n.b. This is sponsored content and not FINSUM editorial.


Source: https://www.ssga.com/library-content/pdfs/etf/us/mid-caps-defy-conventional-wisdom.pdf

Friday, 26 March 2021 16:19

Leisure Bookings Have Airline Stocks Flying

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Many Airlines saw increases in stock prices on Monday as increases in bookings for spring and summer leisure trips…see the full story on our partner Magnifi’s site

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 13:06

Huge Valuations are Making Investors Uneasy

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(New York)

Starting with the huge gains of tech shares over the summer, and now the whole index, investors have grown increasingly uneasy with market valuations. By some metrics, markets are as stretched valuation-wise as they have ever been. Take for instance Robert Shiller’s famed CAPE ratio. As it stands now the S&P 500 has a CAPE valuation of 33.4x. That is the highest it has been since 1929 and almost double the long-term average of 17x. ”There are great expectations built into this market … We are in the seventh inning of Federal Reserve-supported equity markets”, says the CIO of CIBC Private Wealth Management.

FINSUM: As scary as the valuations are, they are not entirely irrational given the level of stimulus and the way the economy has held up.

Monday, 30 November 2020 09:22

It is a Great Time for These Large Cap Value Funds

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(New York)

With markets at all-time highs, but COVID restrictions tightening and the potential for a blue Senate looming, many advisors are feeling that now might be a good time to retreat into value stocks. Lower priced stocks have done very well over the last couple of months, showing good momentum on top of their theoretical valuation insulation. With that in mind, here are three very highly ranked large cap value mutual funds. The first is American Funds’ Washington Mutual Investors Fund Class A (AWSHX), sporting an expense ratio of 0.59% and an average three-year return of 9.7%. The second is the MFS Equity Income Fund Class A (EQNAX), which holds a more diversified group of securities, including some international stocks and convertibles. Finally, check out the Fidelity Equity-Income Fund (FEQIX), which tends to focus on income-producing securities.

FINSUM: A nice hybrid between appreciation and income is a good approach for right now, so the latter two seem look good buys. More broadly, value stocks appear a smart choice given the particular moment in markets.

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