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It looks like Michael Bloomberg, founder of the eponymous financial data firm, is eyeing a run at the White House. The move, which the Financial Times quipped was one New York Billionaire trying to replace another as president, surprises no one, as Bloomberg has been hinting at his run for some time. He has given over $100m to Democratic candidates for the midterm elections, something a staffer said was “a hell of a lot of IOUs”. Bloomberg will be 78 years old in 2020.

FINSUM: Speaking purely from a competitive standpoint, we have mixed feelings about whether he would be a good candidate for the Democratic party. On the one hand, he is more centrist than a lot of other Democrats, so could get some Republican votes. But on the other, he is also a New York billionaire, which could turn some off.

(New York)

It has just been announced that New York state is opening a tax probe into the Trump family. The scope of the investigation will be extensive, digging into the president’s inheritance form decades ago. The investigation was prompted by an extensive article published by the New York Times which alleges fraud in Trump’s tax affairs. The NY state department of taxation said it was “vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation”. The New York times alleges that Trump undertook “dubious tax schemes during the 1990s, including instances of outright fraud”.

FINSUM: Here comes another potential legal headache for Trump.


Interesting news out of the media-shy Mueller investigation today. Two prosecutors on Mueller’s team are leaving or have already left the probe. The departures come following the prosecution of Paul Manafort. The news comes after an announcement in August that two other prosecutors had already left the probe. The newest departures mean there are 13 members remaining on Mueller’s team. James Comey comments that the investigation may be in its “fourth quarter” following the Manafort plea.

FINSUM: It looks like the Mueller investigation is either winding down or falling apart. Either way it seems likely it may finally conclude.

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