A lot of financial advisors are small business owners, and thousands of them are likely looking for the government’s Payment Protection Program assistance right now. As anyone involved in applying for the program knows, things have been very frustrating and uncertain, with that stress exacerbated by the fact that it is a first come-first serve program. However, there is some potential good news on the horizon. The White House and Senate leader Mitch McConnell are trying to get another $250 bn of loans approved by Congress, which would add to the $349 bn that is already being deployed (apparently it is already being deployed).

FINSUM: It appears as though demand is exceeding supply, so this additional funding is likely to be very necessary.


The “mini Super Tuesday” results are in from yesterday’s six primaries, and Joe Biden has taken an even more commanding lead. The biggest prize he won yesterday was Michigan, giving him a very strong lead heading into next week’s primaries, which includes Florida. He is almost untouchable at the point, but a win in Florida—which is forecasted—would make his advantage insurmountable.

FINSUM: Two thoughts here. Firstly, Sanders is the most successful non-winning candidate ever. He changed the party and galvanized the center, which ultimately led to his losing, but transformed the vision of the party. Secondly, Biden is more dangerous for Trump. He has the right middle-of-the-road policies and demeanor to attract moderates and those whose eyes might be wavering from the president.


Wealthy people living in the US may have a natural apprehension to the idea of Bernie Sanders becoming president. The self-described socialist aims to greatly raise taxes and redistribute wealth as is common in socialist agendas. However, to get some context on how Bernie’s policies may actually play out, it is useful to look at the only functioning socialist democracies in the world—Scandinavia. What is very interesting about the Scandinavian countries is that they actually have the highest percentage of billionaires per capita in the world. The same also applies for those with a $100m net worth or more, and even those with $30m or more.

FINSUM: These countries have the highest percentage of wealthy per capita by a wide margin, so it appears socialist democracy does end up having some wealth concentrating effects.

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