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Based on research published by Mattison Public Relations in London, more than half of the companies in the FTSE 100 now have board-level ESG committees. The data was compiled by reviewing the latest annual reports from all 100 companies. While the overall percentage was 54% of FTSE 100 companies, the research showed that the percentage varied by industry. For instance, 100% of oil, gas, and mining companies had board-level ESG committees, while only 13% of the non-bank financial services sector had these committees. Companies in the non-bank financial services sector include insurers, asset managers, and retail investment platforms. Within the 54%, 56% were made up entirely of non-executive directors. This would allow those companies to add directors with ESG expertise to provide greater oversight of the companies' ESG performance.

Finsum:Based on recent research, 54 companies in the FTSE 100 now have board-level ESG committees to evaluate a company’s ESG performance.

Southeast Asian wealth manager StashAway and Blackrock announced that the two firms will partner to offer a suite of multi-asset model portfolios. The portfolios will be managed by StashAway and built using Blackrock’s analytics and ETFs. StashAway launched in 2017 with its own General Investing portfolios but has since expanded its offerings to include ESG investing, thematic portfolios, and cash growth. The new partnership will provide Asia-based investors access to BlackRock’s investment capabilities through StashAway’s platform. Investors will be able to choose from three investing strategies optimized for long-term risk-adjusted returns. StashAway’s General Investing portfolio optimizes for long-term risk-adjusted returns while keeping risks constant. Its Responsible Investing portfolio follows the same strategy but is also optimized for ESG impact. The third portfolio, which will be powered by BlackRock, is a long-term investment strategy offering broader diversification for investors.

Finsum:AsianDigital wealth managerStashAway has partnered with BlackRock to provide investors access to multi-asset portfolios built using Blackrock’s analytics and ETFs.

As investors grapple with inflation and economic uncertainty, there is one industry that has been outperforming the market, and that’s cybersecurity. While most technology companies have cautioned investors about slower corporate spending, cybersecurity firms are still seeing massive demand. For instance, CrowdStrike and SentinelOne, both recently increased their forecasts for this year. While cybersecurity has always been important, companies are now even more concerned about system vulnerabilities due to an increase in cyber-attacks amidst the war in Ukraine. In addition, the advent of remote and hybrid working arrangements has also increased the demand for cybersecurity solutions. While companies can trim spending on software items such as CRM, cybersecurity is too important to risk. The minute a company lets up, they are at risk of a ransomware attack. This has resulted in the Global X Cybersecurity ETF (BUG) outperforming the NASDAQ this year.

Finsum:While other software companies are seeing slowing demandthe sheer necessity of cybersecurity has resulted incybersecurity ETFs outperforming the NASDAQ this year.

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