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Can Annuities Be the New Bonds?

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If there is a product that looks like it has a great ten-year horizon ahead of it, it might just be annuities. Just like eSports and electric vehicles seem to have a great demographic trend behind them, annuities will ride a wave of retirees into great success. However, that is not the only tailwind. The other is ultra-low interest rates, which have completely upended the role of bonds in a portfolio. They yield very little and have a great deal of risk. Understanding that, annuities have a very interesting role to play, as between the three major types: fixed, variable, and fixed index, they offer a range of options that can help replace bonds. Fixed annuities offer set guaranteed income, variable give banded income but offer some upside, and fixed index work as a hybrid between the two.

FINSUM: Annuities have gotten a bad reputation over the years because of some high fees and bad actors, but product suites have gotten better. They can really round out a client’s need for low volatility income.

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