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Why Fixed and Variable Annuities Work Well in Tandem

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With interest rates so low there has been increasing interest in the role that annuities can play for those near or entering retirement. Bonds just aren’t playing the dual roles of safe haven and income source that they once did, and annuities are a naturally inheritor of that role for the foreseeable future. However, one thing that many are not clear about is how well fixed and variable annuities can work together. While fixed annuities offer guaranteed income, they are susceptible to inflation. Accordingly, many retirees might also want to have some upside that will allow their payouts to move higher. Enter variable annuities, which can offer enhanced income in up markets (but do risk lower payments in down markets).

FINSUM: Fixed and variable annuities work well as a pair. The portion invested in fixed offers guaranteed income, while the variable portion offers upside potential.

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