Tuesday, 29 September 2020 13:41

Reg BI Won’t Get Scrapped Even if Biden Wants To

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There has been a lot of speculation that with Biden leading in the polls, Reg BI may be likely to get scrapped next year. Now obviously no one has great insight into how the election will go, but according to former regulators, even if Biden gets elected, it seems unlikely the rule would get scrapped. According to a former regulator at FINRA, the SEC has both cultural and structural barriers to overturning the rule. The SEC is run by a group of five commissioners, no more than three of whom are allowed to be from one party at any given time. Furthermore, while the White House does appoint a head of the commission, the group likes to set its own fresh agenda, and therefore largely sets its own objectives. According to Thomas Selman, a former vice president for regulatory policy at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, to “reverse it right away, it's just not something they have an appetite for”.

FINSUM: No one is certain how this will play out. However, in our view the most likely path is not getting rid of the rule, but rather much stricter enforcement of it. The rule itself leaves much to enforcement discretion, so that seems an easier avenue than scrapping and re-creating a new rule.

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