Monday, 01 April 2019 13:07

The Fiduciary Rule’s Journey May End Like Marijuana’s

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The fiduciary rule’s journey has been a seemingly endless saga. Opponents of the rule thought they had finally defeated it when the fifth circuit court ruled against it last year. However, its path is far from over and is showing an interesting parallel: marijuana. Fierce proponents of cannabis legalization have taken a different tact after a federal level push failed—they have gone to the state level. As most will have noticed, marijuana has been legalized in many states as part of a grassroots push for cannabis. The fiduciary rule is now playing out the same way, as new state-level rules have been popping up all over the country, threatening to bring patch work regulation.

FINSUM: One would not naturally think to compare the fiduciary rule and marijuana, but the regulatory path for both is looking quite similar. This would not be a good outcome for broker-dealers.

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