Tuesday, 09 July 2024 03:34

SEC Makes New Annuity Ruling

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The SEC has introduced new disclosure requirements and registration processes for registered index-linked annuities (RILAs) and registered market value adjustment (MVA) annuities in hopes of bringing clarity to the industry. The final rule mandates issuers of non-variable annuities to use Form N-4, updating the framework for these products. 


This change aims to help investors make informed decisions, as the market for these products has grown significantly, with RILA sales reaching $47.4 billion in 2023. The amendments include a summary prospectus framework and extend Rule 156 to non-variable annuity advertisements to prevent misleading materials. 


While SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce supports the general approach, she expressed concerns about potential biases and the need for creative disclosure techniques to enhance investor understanding. The amendments will take effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, with full compliance required by May 1, 2026.

Finsum: Annuities seem bogged down by more complexity, and this ruling could help the industry in the long run. 

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