Thursday, 04 July 2024 13:54

Direct Indexing Reflects Changing Demand

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Strategic inflection points often build up gradually before causing sudden change, reflecting the need for constant innovation and adaptation in business. Embracing technology, such as direct indexing can create efficiencies, scale operations, and enhance investment processes which is crucial for asset managers. 


Understanding and meeting complex client demands, especially in retail, is essential as clients seek value, not just investment vehicles. The rise of ETFs and SMAs shows the importance of offering cost-effective, customizable solutions, while active management must justify its value in a fee-compressed environment. 


Indexing and alternatives have gained traction due to their reliable and affordable returns, but asset managers must continue to adapt and price their offerings appropriately. Ultimately, leveraging technology and maintaining a client-centric focus are key to navigating disruption and ensuring long-term success.

Finsum: Direct indexing should really be thought of as alpha that is on the table ready to deliver to clients that can afford the sizeable investment. 


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