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Hidden Benefits of Active Fixed Income

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When considering fixed income ETFs, active strategies offer notable advantages over passive ones. Unlike equity indexes, replicating a bond index like the U.S. Agg is "impossible" due to smaller bond quantities, infrequent trades, and varying maturities and credit ratings.


 Active management allows flexibility to adapt to shifting bond markets and interest rate environments. The T. Rowe Price QM U.S. Bond ETF (TAGG), for example, charges eight basis points and seeks to outperform the U.S. Agg through a diverse range of investment-grade U.S. bonds.


 As fixed income ETFs grow in popularity, active strategies present a valuable alternative. This trend reflects a broader move towards active management within the ETF space.

Finsum: When thinking about the advantages of active bonds its important to consider this index replicability that you can’t get in fixed income. 

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