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Orion Advisor Solutions recently unveiled significant enhancements to its technology during the opening session of the firm’s flagship Ascent conference. Founder and CEO Eric Clarke addressed an audience of 1,600 advisors and revealed the firm’s new Story Paths advisor-facing technology for its Orion Custom Indexing solution. The new technology will allow advisors to easily select from one of several user paths which allows the advisor to customize portfolios or tax transition legacy assets within a handful of steps and minutes. The announcement comes as consumer demand for more personalized services has increased with assets in direct indexed SMAs ballooning to $362 billion. Orion’s Custom Indexing solution, which was launched in 2018, allows registered investment advisors to differentiate their offering with personalized, professionally managed, low-cost portfolios. Clarke stated, “While other direct indexing solutions cater almost exclusively to wirehouse advisors, we set out to build a solution with a heavy emphasis on customization that meets the needs of the independent advisor.” The new Story Paths workflow enables advisors to create truly custom portfolios at scale, whether they’re aiming to track a traditional index, replicate a factor-tilted exposure, or overlay to an existing internal or third-party separately managed account. In addition, the new technology will streamline the portfolio customization and tax transition process to a matter of minutes compared to the industry normal of multiple days.

Finsum:Orion recently unveiled new enhancements to its direct indexing technology that will allow independent advisors to create truly custom portfolios at scale within minutes.

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New Age Alpha, which provides equity and fixed-income advisory and sub-advisory services, recently announced the launch of its new direct and custom indexing platform, SPACE. SPACE, which stands for Systematic Personal Asset Customization Engine, is designed to allow the user to build and trade customized alpha or beta index strategies. While SPACE comes with the typical benefits of other direct indexing platforms such as tax optimization, transparency, and ESG screening, it also includes additional features unique to New Age Alpha. For instance, users can build an alpha index strategy by customizing the underlying holdings of an ETF and utilizing factor screens across growth, value, and New Age Alpha's proprietary "Expectation Risk Factor." SPACE offers three primary applications, direct indexing, custom indexing, and prebuilt strategies. The direct indexing application provides the ability to invest directly in the underlying components of well-known indexes and ETFs through an SMA, allowing maximum tax optimization. The custom indexing application provides the ability to build custom, thoughtfully aligned alpha or beta indexes through personalization across various filters, screens, and factors to meet your client's specific needs. The prebuilt strategies offer the ability to invest using any of the over 120 indexes using New Age Alpha’s proprietary Expectation Risk Factor methodology.

Finsum: Asset management firm New Age Alpha launched SPACE, a new direct and custom indexing platform that offers unique features such as the ability to build an alpha index strategy with the firm’s proprietary "Expectation Risk Factor."

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Monday, 02 May 2022 20:06

Direct Indexing Could Miss the Mark

Direct Indexing is being heralded as the next big wave of investment products, as it gives investors the power to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting and customize it to their interests. However, the dual objectives that they propose could come to compete with each other and undermine investor interests. If investors maximize the tax-alpha they aren’t really aligned with their interests which younger investors are holding as a high priority. Riding a portfolio of all ‘greenwashers’ gives investors few options for tax purposes and deviates too far from the underlying index. The most effective solution might be for financial advisors to develop a better understanding of client interests rather than leaning on a magical new product.

Finsum: Some are calling direct indexing active management in disguise, but investors trying to capitalize on either customization or tax loss might still find it an attractive option.

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Monday, 14 February 2022 17:12

Why the US leads in Custom Indexing

Vanguard turned the investing world upside down with the advent of index-based investing. In 2022 there could be a new predominant investment vehicle taking the reigns: custom indexing. However, this fad has failed to create traction globally the way it has in the US. The two keys that are preventing custom indexing from reaching the same level of success globally are technology and taxes. CI relies on the software tools and facilities to manage this algorithmic portfolio construction, and lots of global firms aren’t there yet. Additionally, tax-loss harvesting makes custom indexing wildly popular in the US, but those same advantages don’t exist in the fiscal structure of other countries.

Finsum: Many of the industry giants are buying up custom indexing firms left and right which will get rid of the technological barrier in custom indexing for countries around the globe.

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Monday, 24 January 2022 09:41

Fidelity is Taking Direct Indexing Mainstream

Fidelity is about to take direct indexing to a whole new level. The asset manager/custodian/broker-dealer is launching its new Fidelity managed FidFolios product, which is a retail-focused direct indexing suite with only a $5,000 minimum and a 0.40% fee. According to Think Advisor “The Fidelity Managed FidFolios combines direct indexing with fractional share trading, which allows clients to allocate assets among multiple positions based on dollar amount rather than share size”. Morningstar gives context to the launch, saying “This is the most mainstream form of direct indexing from a most mainline asset management and provider of investor services seen to date”.

FINSUM: Direct indexing is a heated battleground for asset managers right now, with Fidelity, Vanguard and others in the mix. This seems like a big step.

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