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Keys to a Happy Retirement for Financial Advisors

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Raymond James conducted its annual survey of retired financial advisors to figure out how happy they are and the factors behind their responses. A consistent lesson is that succession planning is essential to feeling content in retirement. 

Many advisors recommend getting immediately started with succession planning, even if it is many years down the road. An important step is to identify a successor who you believe can continue effectively serving your clients. 

Some steps in this process include surveying your network to identify potential candidates, conducting interviews, and spending time with them to gauge if they are the right fit. It can also be helpful to get input from your firm’s management team.

Once you’ve identified a successor, the next step is to inform your clients. In the survey, 74% of advisors mentioned that communicating with clients was important in preparing for retirement. While these conversations can be initially awkward and uncomfortable, they will ultimately deepen the client-advisor relationship and increase the odds of a successful transition for your clients.

The final step is getting mentally and psychologically prepared for retirement. This can mean planning the final stage of their career, whether it means an immediate exit, a transition period, or a consulting role. Retiring advisors have considerable experience and wisdom that they can still share with their successors, especially during stressful situations.

Finsum: Raymond James conducts an annual survey of retired advisors to find out how many are happy and why. One of the major takeaways is the importance of proactive and effective succession planning.

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