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Thursday, 20 February 2020 10:31

Conservative Investors Pay the Highest Fees

(San Francisco)

It isn’t just Apple that is at risk from coronavirus. A lot of other tech companies are too, and it makes perfect sense. Apple is far from the only major US tech company that sources many of its parts from China and relies on the country for a significant portion of revenue. The other major companies which are highly exposed are Tesla (20% of its supply and demand comes from China), Dell, HP, and Corning (which looks especially vulnerable).

FINSUM: Corning has a major glass factory in Wuhan itself and relies on China for 25% of its revenue.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2020 08:24

The New DOL Fiduciary Rule has a Big Risk for Advisors


Industry lawyers are checking every day, but nothing is happening. Everyone keeps looking at the DOL’s information portal to see if the agency has posted a new version of its Fiduciary Rule. Many thought the rule would be published by the end of the year, but so far nothing. The reason this is important is that the agency is running out of time to get the rule finalized and in place before the election. Rules that get approved immediately before elections are much more likely, and easier, for successors to undue. Therefore, if the rule does not get approved soon (which is near impossible because of the long approval process the White House has once the DOL proposes it), the rule is at risk of a victorious presidential candidate undoing it.

FINSUM: It seems likely this rule won’t get done until right before the election. If Bernie, or really any Democrat, wins it will likely be undone and the path will be paved for a much tougher rule.

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(New York)

No matter how many times you tell them that renting a vacation home is a better financial idea, many clients get the “I want to buy a vacation home bug” and can’t get it out of their system. When that happens, here is a few things of which to remind them. Firstly, their vacation home will not have the same capital gains tax exemption as their primary residence. Additionally, costs associated with the property, including insurance, property taxes, and possibly fees associated with renting the property, can all rise faster than their incomes, especially if they are on a fixed income in retirement. Vacation homes can also be complicated from an inheritance perspective, as some heirs may want to keep the property while others may want to sell it.

FINSUM: All good arguments. Hopefully some clients will listen!

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(New York)

Morgan Stanley’s earnings this week were an absolute blow out for the Street. The bank beat all expectations and performed exceptionally well. For us, the earnings really feel like a salute to the whole wealth management industry, as it was Morgan Stanley’s pivot to focus more on that business that has made it the reliable earnings machine that it has become. Revenue from wealth management accounted for around 40% of the whole bank’s revenues, and was up 11% on the year.

FINSUM: Wealth management is a rock solid and capital light business, and MS’ earnings are a testament to that. Gorman’s choice to focus on this segment of their business a few years ago was a very smart one.

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New York)

Yesterday we ran a piece explaining the level of AUM advisors need to successfully breakaway (cheat sheet: $50m-$100m). Today, we wanted to hit on another key topic: what percentage of clients typically come with an advisor when they break away? Now, this obviously varies a great deal based on particular circumstances, but according to Kestra, the typical rate is 80% in their experience.

FINSUM: This is useful, but only to a point because many advisors will have a great deal of their assets concentrated in a small group of clients, meaning it is a fairly tight number of make or break accounts.

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