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Demographic Shifts Flooding the Index Annuities Market

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Every day, 12,000 individuals from the baby boomer generation in the US turn 65, and by 2030, all baby boomers will have reached this age milestone. This demographic shift has led to a change in investment priorities, with baby boomers now seeking more protection-oriented financial products, such as annuities. Annuities offering downside protection and guaranteed returns have gained popularity over those promising high growth potential.


In 2023, the annuity market in the US saw record-high sales of $385 billion, largely driven by the demand for products with downside protection features. Fixed annuities and fixed index annuities, accounting for 67% of total annuity sales, have become the preferred choice, reflecting a significant shift from previous years. These annuities align with the risk preferences of baby boomers, offering market-linked returns while shielding investments from market volatility.


Fixed index annuities, in particular, provide an attractive option for retirees seeking stable income streams, combining potential market returns with downside protection. However, they come with limitations, including capped returns and surrender periods, necessitating careful consideration before incorporation into retirement plans.

Finsum: Demographic shifts have already had a major long-term impact on bonds, and now retirement concerns are shifting the landscape once again. 

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