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Alternative Investment Strategies for 2024

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2023 was a unique year as nearly every asset rallied due to positive news on inflation, an economy that remained resilient, and expectations that the Fed is ready to pivot on monetary policy. Looking ahead, 2024 is certainly going to be more challenging for equities and fixed income.


JPMorgan believes that investors should have exposure to private market as they offer steady returns and can increase diversification. The bank notes that private equity has outperformed public markets over multi-year periods regardless of economic conditions. The asset class has recently faced headwinds due to interest rates increasing the cost of capital. It recommends focusing on private equity funds that less leveraged and focused on higher-quality companies with durable growth characteristics.


While the monetary environment poses some challenges, it also creates opportunities for investors to lock in attractive yields in private credit. Commensurately, many banks have pulled back from lending, following the regional banking crisis, while public market debt issuance has also been constrained. Private credit has stepped into the vacuum to provide capital for these borrowers while also structuring loans to provide more protection in the event of a default. The bank notes attractive opportunities in commercial real estate, floating rate debt, and leveraged loans.

Finsum: JPMorgan anticipates more volatility and a more challenging environment in 2024 than last year. It sees upside in alternative investments to boost returns and diversification.


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