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Why Alternative Investment Possibilities Will Increase in 2024

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Over the next few years, it’s expected that alternative assets will become a larger part of client portfolios. Advisors will have to contend with a changing landscape especially as more products will be introduced that are more complicated in terms of taxes and reporting. 


A looming challenge for advisors will be handling the increased workload as well as understanding these products in a comprehensive manner in order to explain it to their clients. It’s likely that asset managers will form partnerships with RIAs in order to help them navigate and simplify the process. Already, some asset managers have started to invest in efforts to educate advisors, but more will be necessary given the increase in the number of options.


According to Ernst & Young America's Financial Services, some advisors will increase allocation to alternatives to 10% or more. In the near-term, private credit products will see the strongest growth as they are seen as less risky while offering higher yields than fixed income.


In addition to private credit, most exposure to alternatives currently is through liquid alt mutual funds, liquid alt ETFs, and publicly-traded REITs. Over the next couple of years, areas forecast to have the highest growth in terms of assets are cryptocurrencies, digital assets, hedge funds, private equity, and private debt. 

Finsum: The alternative assets space is expected to heat up in the coming years. One challenge for advisors will be to understand these products and handling an increased workload. 


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