Tuesday, 14 November 2023 13:39

How Unified Managed Accounts Can Take Financial Advice to the Next Level

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Advisors have to offer personalized solutions for their clients’ financial needs. Of course, this presents an inherent conflict for any advisor who wants to grow their practice as these efforts are often not scalable. 


Unified managed accounts (UMA) are a potential solution for advisors to offer low-cost and customized solutions by outsourcing these functions from professional asset managers. UMAs provide an open structure for advisors to toggle between managed account programs, asset allocations, portfolio management, and trading in order to become more efficient and increase the speed of implementation. 


Advisors can leverage UMAs to reduce complexity and provide more holistic advice for clients while freeing up time and energy to focus on business development. In contrast to mutual funds or ETFs, UMAs and separately managed accounts (SMA) provide more customization and tax efficiencies. However, SMAs often lead to more administrative burdens since each account generates its own statements, tax documents, and portfolio management needs. 


In contrast, UMAs offer access to multiple strategies in a single account while enabling tax savings through tax-loss harvesting. There is more efficiency given that there is less paperwork while also providing a more holistic view of a clients’ financial situation. 

Finsum: UMAs can lead to more efficiencies for advisors, leading to less paperwork and tax complications. It also leads to a more holistic view of a clients’ finances. 


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