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Model Portfolios Can Help Advisors Optimize Their Practice

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In an article for ETFTrends, Tidal Financial Group discussed the major challenge facing financial advisors. Clients want customized and personalized services, but growing the practice requires creating standardization of systems and processes and finding efficiencies. 

These conflicting demands tend to create a lot of stress for advisors and can limit their growth and effectiveness. Too much personalized service will impede your ability to attract new clients and grow the business while too many efficiencies will lead to unsatisfied clients and ultimately retention issues. 

Model portfolios can help advisors resolve this dilemma. They can help you offer more personalized services to clients without taxing an advisors’ time and resources. These models can be used for a variety of purposes such as reducing tax liabilities, values-based investing, more complex strategies, etc.

Instead of spending time on portfolio management, advisors can spend more time on marketing, client outreach, financial planning, etc. Advisors with a smaller practice may not appreciate the benefits of model portfolios until they get to a larger scale. Other benefits include simplifying client communication, leveraging research and education, and synergies between marketing and investing. 

Finsum: Model portfolios are one way for advisors to become more efficient while also creating a more personalized experience for their clients. 


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