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Stifel Sees Opportunity to Recruit FAs

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In an article for AdvisorHub, Karmen Alexander covered comments from Stifel Financial’s recent conference call when CEO Ronald Kruszewski remarked that there was an opportunity to recruit financial advisors especially following the exit of ‘high payers’. 

While Kruszewski didn’t single out any firms by name, it’s likely that he was referring to First Republic which was a victim of the regional banking crisis and was taken over by JPMorgan with an FDIC backstop. The bank was notable for being an aggressive recruiter of financial advisors with large bonuses and attractive packages. At the start of the year, First Republic was reportedly offering as much as 400% of revenue generated in the past year to advisors with over $10 million in revenue. 

Unlike First Republic which targeted brokers with over $2 million in revenue, Stifel tends to target smaller brokers. Additionally, Stifel has been much more conservative in the terms that it offers. Overall, the bank hired 49 advisors. Of these, 20 were experienced brokers who were lured from other firms. 

Yet, the company also affirmed that while it sees the landscape becoming less competitive with First Republic’s exit, it will continue sticking to its discipline in terms of not offering excessively lavish packages.


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