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Get Ready for a Very Different Treasury

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(Washington, D.C.)

Yellen, former chairmen of the Federal Reserve, was confirmed by the Senate in her nomination for secretary of the treasury. The 84-15 vote reflects both Republicans willingness to work with the Biden administration on economic issues, and Democrats desire to brand their own economic reactions to the covid crisis. Yellen, previously at Brookings Institution, has a decorated history in public service working for Clinton administrations council of economic advisors, CEO of San Francisco regional federal reserve bank, and chair of the Federal reserve. Yellen faces many challenges in her role as treasurer both with the current state of the economy and the looming U.S. debt. Yellen plans to work closely with current Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to address the U.S. economy.

FINSUM: Yellen historically is known for reading the economy through the lens of the labor market, so expect her policy guidance to be especially informed through a variety of labor market indicators. Additionally expect Yellen’s policy to be more expansionary than a previous administration, but she is weary of the U.S. current debt and has denounced the large deficits supported by Modern Monetary Theory.

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