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If your clients are invested in Chinese companies and have a preference for ESG, it may be time for a change in their portfolios. It appears sustainability rules in western countries are at odds with what’s happening in China. While Chinese equities offer strong growth potential, their ESG ratings rank lower than western nations and most emerging markets. For instance, Sustainalytics, a sustainable rating agency owned by Morningstar, downgraded three Chinese big-name tech companies on its watchlist in October. The three stocks, Tencent, Weibo, and Baidu, were moved to the category of “non-compliant with UN principles.” In addition, Hong Kong Watch, a UK-based group that researches investment and human rights issues in China, recently said in a report that “many of the biggest asset management, state pension, and sovereign wealth funds were passively invested in companies allegedly involved in the repression of Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region.” The report found three major stock indices provided by MSCI included at least 13 companies that “have allegedly used forced labor or have profited from China’s construction of internment camps and surveillance apparatus in Xinjiang.” Another problem is that Chinese companies are less likely to respond to queries from ESG rating agencies.

Finsum:With ESG investing continuing to gain momentum, it appears that many Chinese companies are at odds with ESG due to censorship and repression in China.

Following two years online, October 28-30, the Esports and Gaming Summit took place again onsite. Organized by Gariath Concepts, the event’s renowned as the largest Gaming Convention in Southeast Asia. “At Globe, we are very happy and excited to be part of ESGS this year. In line with our Game Well Played campaign, we have activities in our booth and throughout the entire ESGS event area that promotes multiple products, experiences, and most of all, opportunities to do good,” said Rina Azcuña-Siongco, head of Globe’s Get Entertained Tribe, during a press conference ahead of the summit.

Yet, all might not be peaches and cream on the ESG front. In recent posts, Kevin LaCroix, an attorney and executive vice president, RT ProExec, indicated ESG has a fundamental flaw: it’s void of definition, leading to what he characterized as “sloppy thinking,” according to dandodiary.com.

These ESG related trepidations are explored in a recent post on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance. Leveraging cybersecurity as an example, Douglas Chia of Soundboard Governance LLC, illustrates one of the “biggest flaws” of ESG is “the subjective open-endedness of what counts as E, S, or G.”

Stash…Away we go?

It’s a great way to travel, apparently.

In order to offer a suite of diversified multi asset model portfolios, StashAway, Southeast Asia’s wealth management company, recently joined forces with Blackrock, the largest asset manager in the world, according to crowdfundinsider.com.

The portfolios were forged by Blackrock’s analytics and ETFs. StashAway will be their manager.

General Investing portfolios – through the StashAway app – abets the ability of investors to access diversified, multi asset ETF portfolios. The portfolios are optimized for risk adjusted returns over the long haul. Like a regular smorgasbord, investors have a choice of three different General Investment strategies.   


The StashAway supported General Investing portfolios dial in on a dual role: optimizing for long term risk adjusted returns while ensuring the risks are unrelenting. While doing the same, the Responsible Investing portfolio also optimizes for the effect of ESG.


And limited thinking? Ha; not around here. The third General Investing strategy, which is supported by BlackRock, is a new long term investment strategy. Its objective is handing the investor broader diversification.


“We’re excited StashAway’s launching portfolios powered by BlackRock’s analysis,” said Peter Loehnert, BlackRock head of ETFs and Index Investing APAC, according to hubbis.com. The partnership, he continued, will give more investors across Asia access to BlackRock’s insights and investment capabilities via StashAway’s platform. It will offer diversified and liquid ETFs as building blocks for portfolio construction, maximising the value of ETF investing.



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