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Tuesday, 15 February 2022 19:15

Why Tech is a Value Play

Technology stocks ticked up late this week which was refreshing as they have suffered since November when the Nasdaq crept to an all-time high. Rising bond yields fueled the devaluation in technology stocks because as the yield curve steepened this lowers the relative value of future cash flows which are the foundation of growth stocks. Additionally higher inflation also devalues those future earnings. However, the yield curve stagnating was enough to boost the Nasdaq by 3%. Additionally, most tech companies have surpassed expectations on earnings despite headline numbers from Meta.

Finsum: It might not take too many rate hikes to put inflation back in its place which means tech could be undervalued!

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Saturday, 16 October 2021 10:19

Why International Stocks are Jumping

The European Stockxx 600 was up .5% on Friday driven by earning releases in the banking sector. That trend followed around the globe as Asia-Pacific’s Taiex index boosted 2% and Wallstreet’s S&P was up 2%. It was strong financial earnings in U.S., and semiconductors in the East pushing the Taiex. All of this happens as inflations concerns continue in the U.S. as consumer prices rose 5.4% on the year, but the Euro areas are seeing the opposite results as monthly inflation was negative in France. The common price thread is definitely in energy prices as Brent crude hit $84.40 a barrel.

FINSUM: The trickling earning reports have generally exceeded expectations. That trend looks to continue, and global portfolios are not only diverse but are outperforming.

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Tuesday, 12 October 2021 20:51

The S&P 500 Looks Poised for a Major Run

(New York)

Wall Street is about to start posting 3rd quarter earnings and market participants are expecting another big round of postings. Driving most of those earnings is robust growth in the overall economy, which drove the same blockbuster Q2 reports. Some of the highest expectations are in the banking sector as JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., PNC Financial Services Group Inc., and U.S. Bancorp are looking to lead the pack. This is driven by micro factors in their companies but also macro factors that benefit financials as interest rates look to rise and the Fed begins tapering. Outside financials, large caps like UnitedHealth Group Inc. are also looking to post very high earnings with solid financials and its valuable brand Optum is driving earnings. The delta variant may have hamstrung some companies from the great Q2, but large-cap companies could be robust enough to withstand the covid resurgence.

FINSUM: Additionally, look to energy companies to post solid Q3 numbers as high prices helped bottom lines for these large-cap juggernauts.

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(New York)

Bank of America put out a stern warning this week. A team of Bank of America equity strategists led by Ohsung Kwon says that the current market looks eerily like the one in the fourth quarter of 2018, when stocks fell 20%. The market is experiencing some concerns on near-term earnings as companies cut back forecasts. According to Kwon, “The nearest memory of early cycle companies' impact on the market is almost exactly three years ago when companies warned about tariffs and slowing macro conditions during 3Q18 earnings … Those warnings and a hawkish Fed resulted in a 20% decline in the S&P 500”.

FINSUM: 2018 came within a hair of a full bear market. That feels too bearish given the overall trajectory of growth. If Congress doesn’t get the debt ceiling raised, though, all bets are off.

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(New York)

Bank of America just put out a big warning that advisors need to pay attention to. The bank is warning that earnings growth could get “vaporized” across a couple of sectors. The reason why is tax hikes. BofA's Savita Subramanian posits that in a scenario where taxes rise to 25% next year (from 21% this year), 5% would be wiped off earnings growth, a huge margin in a year that is already set up to see some cooling after the red hot earnings growth of 2021.

FINSUM: Investors don’t seem to be adequately accounting for this risk. Despite the fact that Biden’s proposals will likely get watered down, there appears a high likelihood that taxes will rise next year.

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