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The Market Will Rise Much More Before Falling

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We run a lot of bearish stories in FINSUM, and with good reason—there are a lot of them out there and we feel the need to share those views with advisors and investors. However, when there is a credible bullish story, we jump at the chance to run it. Today we have one. Robert Shiller, perhaps the godfather of doom and gloom with his CAPE ratio, has just made an uncharacteristic statement: he says that stocks may rise much higher before eventually falling. The Nobel laureate says “The stock market could get a lot higher before it comes down … It’s highly priced, but it could get much more highly priced”. Shiller had previously been warning (last year) about how overpriced the market was. Shiller says the reinvigorated market has to do with President Trump’s pro-business drive.

FINSUM: It is interesting to hear someone as typically bearish as Shiller saying that stocks may rise a good deal more. Something to pay attention to.

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