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3 Stable and Rewarding Dividend Stocks

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The truth is that most everyone loves dividend stocks. Nowhere is that statement more true than among the US’ retirees, who have a major reliance on dividend income for their everyday expenses. Thus, here are three stable dividend stocks that investors should consider: Scotts Miracle-Gro (~3%), IBM (4.3%), and AT&T. The latter two are well-understood and have strong market positions, with AT&T essentially benefitting from an oligopoly. Miracle-Gro is an interesting choice as it has a good underlying business, but has been hammered this year by a handful of short-term issues, but thus offers a good chance at price growth and a solid dividend.

FINSUM: IBM is almost in the dividend aristocrat club, having raised its payout 23 years in a row. AT&T looks quite stable too.

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